Why Your Dealership Needs My Payment

Why Your Dealership Needs My Payment

By: Peyton Hoffman, Director of Public Relations and Event Management

Dominion’s new My Payment tool is designed to give consumers real answers to payment questions directly from a dealership’s website. Dealers using My Payment build trust with online consumers by equipping them to make better, more informed purchase decisions. Car shoppers select their payment preferences and view monthly payments for any specific vehicle without leaving your website.

My Payment drives over 80% appointment to show rate. Once a car buyer selects a payment, he or she has the option to set up an appointment with your dealership. This segment of consumers, focused more on price versus make or model, can now be captured by your website. Dealerships strategically grow leads while driving conversions from high, mid, and low-funnel shoppers.

With My Payment, increasing not only leads, but both front- and back-end profits is possible. Some of the benefits of My Payment include: calculating monthly payments for banks and OEM leases, the ability to pull reports on consumers by income and credit score, and securing consumers focused on price during the research process, versus make or model.

Contact Dominion Dealer Solutions today and start growing your dealership revenue with My Payment.

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