Three ways Dominion ACCESS Air™ can add hours to your day

3 ways Dominion ACCESS Air™ can add hours to your day

Three ways Dominion ACCESS Air™ can add hours to your day

By: Jennifer Sanford, Director of Strategic Marketing

We all scream about not having enough time in our days. How is it possible to get the administrative details right, keep both employees and the IRS happy, AND help customers make the right vehicle decisions all in a day’s work?  Luckily, Dominion Dealer Solutions can help you manage your automotive dealership so you can focus on the business of selling new and used cars.

Here are three ways that the Dominion ACCESS Air Dealer Management System (DMS) can reduce your administrative burden – and save you time.

  1. True Windows® Technology – Its Windows-based menus and interfaces integrate seamlessly into Microsoft applications like Word, Excel and Outlook.  This means that automotive dealers can do simple tasks simply; such as copying and pasting a VIN into the parts catalog, or exporting a report straight into Excel.  
  2. One Customer RecordACCESS Air utilizes a built-in prospecting tool to keep track of the customer information in every auto dealership.  All customers – sales, service or even a closed account – go into one record to avoid double entries and lost information.
  3. The CloudAuto dealers using ACCESS Air are no longer confined to the limitations of a server-based DMS. Cloud-based technology eases employee collaboration within automotive dealerships, with real-time access to the data and information necessary to keep the business of selling new and used vehicles on target. Dealers can work anytime, anywhere with Dominion ACCESS Air.

When your auto dealership’s primary business software weighs you down, it’s time to consider your options.  Dominion ACCESS Air brings a complete, fully integrated dealer management system to automobile dealers across the country. The Windows-based ACCESS Air software system has all the necessary features and functions you need to run your business effectively. One price, one system.

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