How much is your DMS really costing you?

How much is your DMS really costing you?

“I’m sorry sir, but that’s not included in your DMS”. Sound familiar? Many automotive dealerships purchase new Dealer Management Systems (DMS) with the intention of streamlining their businesses; removing the need for additional software and saving money. Unfortunately, new and used car dealers soon discover that this is not always the case.

Are you paying extra for what you have to do on a daily basis?

The Sales department is just one area of the dealership with too many functions to count. Obviously, auto dealers want one software to manage them all. A dealership’s DMS is not just in place to manage concrete vehicle sales, it’s there to submit electronic title applications, process third-party deal imports, pull customers’ credit scores, send credit applications, follow up with leads, enter VINs, and…you get the picture. So does your singular DMS do it all? Or are you paying extra for what you have to do on a daily basis?

…streamline your process, making your customer’s experience hassle-free.

In today’s economy, the Parts and Service department most likely generates a good portion of an automotive dealership’s revenue. Therefore, it’s important to have the tools needed to keep a service drive running smoothly and heighten customer satisfaction. Does your current DMS provide tools like: SMS Text Notifications, Online Appointment Scheduling, Automated Appointment Reminders, Quick Lube, Electronic Signature Capture, or Service Dispatch? These features help new and used car dealers streamline their processes. This results in a hassle-free customer experience.

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Don’t just look for a DMS that helps increase efficiency in all areas of the auto dealership, but find one that will also offers a strong support team. Seek out a support team that is available 24/7* to assist with a range of questions. An added perk is a provider that will schedule remote training and personalized one-on-ones at no additional cost.

The better your automotive dealership’s employees truly understand the DMS, the more value it holds. Ensure the DMS provides the best features for every department and truly supports all of your needs.

Dominion ACCESS® provides a complete and fully integrated dealer management system to dealers across the country. The Windows®-based ACCESS system has all the necessary features and functions to run a business effectively – all included when a dealer purchases ACCESS. One price, one system.

To speak to a product specialist about ACCESS today, call 877.421.1040!

*Dominion’s 24/7 DMS customer support is 7am-6pm for regular support and after hours 6pm-7am is only for emergencies.

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