A New Car Manager’s Dream Come True

A New Car Manager’s Dream Come True

Two popular Dominion Dealer Specialties’ inventory products have teamed up to form a powerful merchandising combination, and New Car Managers will feel the impact (in a good way)!

Dominion StoryBuilder® and New Car Incentives pack a one-two punch for quick and efficient new car merchandising.

The first 250 characters of your vehicle comments are critical…

The first 250 characters of your vehicle comments are critical, so don’t waste them on simple VIN explosion or dealer-speak. In fact, according to AutoTrader, 26% more car buyers traveled 30+ miles to the dealership that had custom comments. It all comes down to the customer shopping experience and what they are looking for. Using custom comments to tell a story about a particular car or truck, and including features that matter, will create a personal connection between the buyer and your vehicle.

Dominion StoryBuilder helps dealerships bring life to their inventory with automatic, hands-free vehicle descriptions that turn readers into buyers.

New Car Incentives provides a vast amount of incentive data from OEMs and uses rule automation to quickly apply the rebates and incentives to new vehicles. Add these discounts to your vehicle comments and you’ve created a buyer-friendly vehicle story on your new or used car dealership website that will automatically be distributed to third party sites.

…what may typically take new car managers several hours of work, can be cut in half…

Dominion Inventory Manager does all the work for dealers; what previously took new car managers several hours of work is cut in half with Dominion StoryBuilder and New Car Incentives.

This month, save money when your automotive dealership adds both StoryBuilder and New Car Incentives to your Inventory Manager package during our Summer Merchandising Series.

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