Now Available! Cross-Sell Dealer Summary Reports

Now Available! Cross-Sell Dealer Summary Reports

For years, automotive dealers have been relying on Dominion Cross-Sell Reports® to better understand the true performance of their stores. The market sales data within these reports gives dealers a strong, effective way to identify and react to the market trends that lead to the best inventory decisions.

Cross-Sell data can greatly impact the success of a dealership; however, essential market data is often overlooked. Therefore, we are launching a new feature within Dominion Inventory Manager. Starting this month, dealers will be able to order and have instant access to basic Cross-Sell-type data within Inventory Manager through the Cross-Sell Dealer Summary Report.

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This report offers dealers an easy-to-understand overview of the marketplace and their place in it. A few added benefits of the Cross-Sell Dealer Summary Report are:

  • View sold vehicle counts by state, month, YTD, and new/used status
  • Compare dealerships in specific regions, markets, and entire organizations
  • Low price point per state, per new/used
Adding Cross-Sell Dealer Summary Reports to your inventory management tools will help you keep track of your competition…

Adding Cross-Sell Dealer Summary Reports to your dealership’s inventory management tools will help track your competition and identify your strengths and weaknesses. It offers sales details by dealership name, city, and more, giving you the robust data you expect from Cross-Sell.


Get ahead of the game and take advantage of this new competitive edge with Cross-Sell Dealer Summary Reports today! Call 877.421.1040.

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