Part 2: Top 3 Must Do’s to Close 2017 with a Bang

Part 2: Top 3 Must Do’s to Close 2017 with a Bang

In part one of our blog series, the “Top 3 Things To Do to Close 2017 with a Bang”, we covered the importance of dealership email marketing via the DMS and targeting service customers at the perfect time to drive additional revenue. Today, we shift our focus from Fixed Ops to Pre-Owned Inventory.

Is your used car inventory bringing customers into your showroom?

It’s no secret that new vehicle sales have been slowing down, even tapering off in certain markets. Despite those recent trends, auto dealers have to keep the sales engine moving full steam ahead somehow. Used vehicle sales can easily be put on the back burner because OEMs are pushing for dealers to focus on selling their new models. Ignoring used vehicle sales can lead to missing profits on the pre-owned side. The key to tapping into this profit center lies in your inventory.

Do you have the right mix of the most popular vehicles being sought after in your primary market area? Will the 10 fleet cars your used car manager just bought at auction be gone in the next thirty days or will you be cleaning the snow off them in January 2018?

What if you could target customers in your market with ads showcasing inventory that matched the vehicles they were searching for? Seventy percent of consumers researching cars turn to search engines first. By the time they become low funnel shoppers, they know exactly what they want and need to know if that vehicle is on your lot.

Your pre-owned inventory can be a great asset if you use it to target right buyers at the right time. That’s the key to Dominion Dealer Solutions’ VinVelocity®. Our search advertising solution provides fully automated, branded VIN ads that connect your pre-owned inventory to the high-demand searches happening in your market.

The finish line is in sight for 2017. One surefire way to keep pushing the profit needle in the right direction is through your pre-owned vehicle sales.

Check back for part 3 of the series, as we wrap up and focus on what consumers are saying about your dealership.

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