Supercharge Car Dealer Marketing with AI

Car Dealer Marketing Strategies

Supercharge Car Dealer Marketing with AI

How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Boost Car Dealer Marketing Strategies? 

New technologies are created every day to make our lives easier, and this acceleration in technological change means we must adapt. New advancements like Artificial Intelligence, or AI, are forcing dealerships to adjust car dealer marketing strategies as well. For many companies, 2018 is the year to explore AI and develop an advantage over competitors who are stuck in old schools of thought or are too scared to make changes. Businesses that don’t incorporate new technologies will fall behind. 

“Forward-thinking companies are using machine learning tools to supercharge their marketing.”

According to the Boston Consulting Group, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology have the potential to revolutionize car dealer marketing as much as mobile, the internet, and television did in the past. Forward-thinking companies are using machine learning tools to supercharge their marketing. These early adopters take advantage of technology’s ability to streamline data, unlock user insights, and engage users in highly relevant ways.

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming more popular and revolutionizing the world we live in, but most people don’t even know what it is. AI involves machines that can imitate human intelligence, and the technology has made changes in the way we learn, shop, and even entertain ourselves. Although AI is often compared with business intelligence, or BI, they are used to answer completely different questions. While BI is used to answer “what has already happened” AI answers “what will happen next?.” AI implementation has the potential to better prepare companies for their future.

Automotive dealers who aspire to be forward-thinking are incorporating these technologies into their digital marketing strategies. Marketers often rely on broad assumptions with the messaging of marketing emails. However,  AI allows dealers to target customers with a unique message, rather than sending mass emails to their entire database. AI capabilities also increase the effectiveness of customer engagement. The technology can be used to learn when customers interact with emails, giving dealers vital insight on opportune times to send messages to specific customers.

“⅓ of the time spent in the workplace involves collecting and processing data”

The most important element of any technology is that it saves time and makes processes more convenient. With AI, the time and resources spent on digging through data means less time devoted to high-level tasks such as refining the marketing strategy or improving the product experience for customers. By analyzing data in real-time and making smart, optimized decisions to improve business performance, AI and machine learning enable marketers to free up the time to focus on more strategic tasks.

Some people may believe that the emergence of this technology means the decrease in a need for actual leaders. Leaders, however, are not only here to stay but are becoming more important in this era of AI. Leadership involves communication, empathy, and trust which cannot be mastered by AI right now and won’t be in the foreseeable future. Therefore, AI should be used as a supplement to a leader’s job and not a substitute for it.

Digital advertising solutions that incorporate AI can give dealers a great advantage over competitors who don’t offer a more personalized experience for their customers. Dominion Dealer Solutions’ Vision™ CRM paired with PerfectEmail can provide that AI solution to give your dealership a competitive advantage. To learn more about Digital Marketing solutions that can transform your dealership, contact Dominion Dealer Solutions at 877.421.1040.

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