Performance Coaching: The Key to Equity Mining Success

Performance Coaching: The Key to Equity Mining Success

As the Digital Age continues, we are constantly adding more video chats, screen sharing and online meetings to our daily routine. It’s no secret that this type of communication is faster, less expensive and more convenient for most individuals and businesses. However, there is an unintended cost in the resulting decrease of in-person communication.

This increase in digital communication impacts the way we learn. We have become familiar with, and dependent on, web-based learning. The digital learning process offers several advantages, such as increased flexibility and quick delivery of content. However, some behavioral researchers have found that virtual training and education prove to be less effective than the traditional face-to-face method of learning.

One of the key elements of the in-person learning process is the relationship that develops between the teacher and the student. Face-to-face interactions add the personal element to any type of training or workshop, with body language, mannerisms, tone, language, and volume of voice.

There is no doubt that digital education is valuable, however when it comes to training, face-to-face training time remains vital.

There is no doubt that digital education is valuable, however when it comes to training, face-to-face training time remains vital. Not only is the trainer more attune to the learning styles of the class, but the problem-solving and camaraderie-building nature of in-person training also enhances the team’s overall comprehension.

So how does Performance Coaching relate to this?

Dominion’s Performance Coaching brings the important face-to-face element of training to your automotive dealership, with personal touches and process- driven ideas to promote equity mining success. Our process requires our Performance Coaches to uniquely prepare for each dealership visit —  from speaking with Equity Specialists and reviewing recent marketing strategies, to talking with the dealer principal about existing sales and service processes.

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For instance, a General Motors’ Dealer in Billings, Montana likely uses a different sales process than one in Downtown Los Angeles. Our Performance Coaches analyze each automotive dealership’s demographics, employees, employee tasks, sales to service relationships, etc. in order to provide dealers with a streamlined process, specifically designed for their stores.

Dominion’s DealActivator Performance Coaches have over 60 years of combined automotive retail dealership experience. They use their personal knowledge to help dealerships increase customer satisfaction. With everything around us becoming digital, this human approach helps ensure dealership success.

Learn more about Dominion’s award-winning equity mining solution DealActivator and how our Performance Coaches set up your dealership for success. Call 877.421.1040.

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