The Results of Retargeting on Facebook

The Results of Retargeting on Facebook

Earlier this year, we covered how car shoppers that leave your dealership’s website without submitting a lead form don’t have to be a loss; Prime Response® keeps new or used car inventory in front of these in-market customers and brings them back to your auto dealership’s website. 1 Dynamic Retargeting ads are a powerful digital marketing solution when executed correctly.

The first step involved in such a simple solution is developing the right audience segment. Custom audiences are created by installing a specific Facebook Pixel code on the dealership’s website and tracking visitors. These targeted audiences are then shown the exact vehicles they previously viewed- reminding them of what interested them in the first place.

It brings back previously engaged customers who have already visited your website, and ultimately leads to a sale.

For example, have you ever looked for a specific product on Amazon, only to be shown that exact item in a Facebook ad? That’s the beauty of Facebook Retargeting. It brings back previously engaged customers who have already visited your website, and ultimately, leads to a sale.

Each of Dominion Dealer Solutions’ tools complement one another by driving a steady stream of traffic to dealers’ websites and increasing brand awareness. As a result, Prime Response Dynamic Retargeting Ad’s cost per website conversion has been as low as $0.05, displaying incredible return on investment.

All of Dominion’s products work together to ensure relevant and engaging ads reach the right target audiences. With the shared goal of driving as many potential customers to a website as possible, it’s no surprise that the results are so impressive.

To learn more about the results that Facebook Retargeting Ads can bring along with all that Dominion has to offer, contact us today at 877.421.1040!

1 Dominion Dealer Solutions Blog, “The Future of Retargeting on Facebook” (January 11, 2017)

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