Stop wasting time on paperwork and sell more!

Stop wasting time on paperwork and sell more!

The automotive industry is fast-paced, and as we all know, continues to speed up. Each day brings more technological advancements to enhance the customer’s experience. As humans, the majority of us do not like change, but when it allows for saving time and money, we are happy to adapt to a new process.

The days of shuffling through files…and listening to the sounds of the impact printer pounding away are quickly fading.

The days of shuffling through files to find forms and listening to the sounds of the impact printer pounding away are quickly fading. And now, with Dominion ACCESS® eContracting and digital documents, so is the angst caused by making sure your F&I Manager filled out the right information and had the right form in the printer, ensuring the customer won’t need to come back to restart the process.

So, why eContracting?

Dominion ACCESS provides intelligent software to make it easy for any dealer to switch from overnighting impact printed documents to eContracting and digital documents. eContracting creates an electronic path where critical contract documents and data can be shared between dealers and finance sources. This allows data to be validated as it is entered and received, reducing the potential for errors. This also provides consistency from dealership to lender and keeps the dealership in compliance with data validation. This minimal investment keeps your forms up-to-date, eliminates paper and form storage costs, keeps your documents in a uniform size and simplifies digital deal scanning and uploading.

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Dominion ACCESS also provides you with the option for custom forms, such as 3rd party products, internal documents, and more. Dominion ACCESS digital documents can be used with or without eContracting. The Dominion ACCESS digital documents, along with eContracting, are helping dealers run their business more efficiently and at a faster pace. eContracting and digital documents make dealer’s lives better and create happier customers.

Key Benefits of eContracting

  • Minimal Investment
  • Faster Funding = Improved Cash Flow
  • Reduced Floorplan Costs
  • Ends Overnight FedEx Packages
  • Supports Retail and Leases

Dominion ACCESS standard laser forms are provided by Wolters Kluwer / Banker Systems, and now LAW. There are currently 29 states in the Digital Forms Library and 18 states approved for eContracting through Dominion ACCESS. Call 877.421.1040 or click here to speed up your F&I department today.

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