Success Story: Hill Nissan Attributes 25% of Monthly Sales to DealActivator

Success Story: Hill Nissan Attributes 25% of Monthly Sales to DealActivator

By: Lindsay Crosson, Product Marketing Manager

Prior to partnering with Dominion Dealer Solutions, Hill Nissan struggled with their equity mining success because of inaccuracies with customer data. The ease-of-use and adaptability of DealActivator led Hill Nissan to bring the equity mining solution into the new and used car dealership. “When calculating a customer’s new payment in a new vehicle, DealActivator is incredibly accurate,” says Will Comprosky, Internet Manager. Knowing the staff at Hill Nissan is presenting correct information each and every time gives Comprosky confidence. In November and December, Hill Nissan attributed 25% of their sales to the DealActivator equity mining tool alone!

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Dominion Dealer Solutions’ equity mining solution, DealActivator gives automotive dealerships new opportunities by offering potential car buyers newer vehicles for trade with lower payments. DealActivator ranks the best equity mining opportunities by priority to assist identifying the most viable candidates in addition to helping dealership staff view original deal terms, estimated savings for a new deal, and accessing all contact information.

Is your equity mining solution not providing the opportunities you hoped it would? Call 877.421.1040 to speak to a product specialist about DealActivator and how it can help your dealership see results like Hill Nissan.

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