The Most Underutilized Low Funnel Disruptor

The Most Underutilized Low Funnel Disruptor

Over the past eight weeks, Dominion Dealer Solutions’ Rocking Your Sales Funnel blog series has taken a deep dive into online car shopping behavior by examining what it means to align your dealership’s marketing technology and messaging with the sales funnel.

Learn How to Tackle the Disruptor Impacting Your Lower Sales Funnel- Download Chapter 8

This series has touched on brand-building through the Pre-awareness and Awareness stages, as well as capturing the search, shopper, and shopping process through the Research stage. While other auto dealers have been ruled out by the digital shopper, your dealership has provided helpful insight and information and is on a short list of stores to visit. Congratulations!

In this final post, let’s tackle one, final disruptor that directly impacts the lower sales funnel. It has the power to increase sales and gross by 20% or more. Used correctly, 10-15% of your monthly sales could be attributed to this powerful marketing technology. And while most consumers take 5.3 months to research their next vehicle purchase, buyers targeted by this technology can be turned in a single visit to the showroom or service drive. What is it?

The answer, as well as other valuable perspectives on marketing technology and today’s online shopper, is captured in the eight part eBook: Rocking Your Sales Funnel. Download it today.

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