Top 5 Press Releases of 2016

Top 5 Press Releases of 2016

By: Peyton Hoffman, Director of Public Relations and Event Management

We have had a lot of exciting changes and updates this year! In case you missed some, here are the Top 5 Press Releases of 2016:

Dominion Dealer Solutions Launches My Payment for Dealers Nationwide

press-release-blog-1Dominion Dealer Solutions has introduced My Payment for automotive retail dealers nationwide. Dominion’s My Payment is a suite of tools designed to drive more leads from dealership websites by giving shoppers real answers to their payment questions.

Dominion Dealer Solutions Launches ShopMyWay for Automotive Dealers Nationwshopmyway-pr-blogide

Dominion Dealer Solutions has introduced ShopMyWay for automotive retail dealerships nationwide. ShopMyWay is a suite of shopping tools designed to enable the car buyer to control the shopping and research processes.

Dominion Dealer Solutions Launches Dominion Recon for Vehicle Inventory Reconditioning

recon-pr-imageDominion Dealer Solutions has launched Dominion Recon, a process-based, results-driven software solution that effectively tracks and manages the used car reconditioning process for automotive dealers.

DealActivator Announces Soft Credit Pull Reporting and Other Data Mining Enhancements

Dominion Dealer Solutions announced that its equity data mining sscp-prolution, DealActivator, has completed significant upgrades to its Soft Credit Pull reporting capabilities, Priority Page mobile functionality, and real-time notifications.

Dominion Dealer Solutions’ Dealer Management System Now Integrated with General Motors’ Vehicle Invoice Service

access-prDominion Dealer Solutions announced that Dominion ACCESS®, a fully-integrated dealer management system, has become the first automotive DMS provider to achieve General Motors’ Vehicle Invoice Service (VIS) version 2.2 integration. Through this integration, GM provides inventory management support to its dealers, allowing them to stock vehicles and post their values from invoices downloaded to Dominion ACCESS.


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