Two Tasks. One Tool. Vid2Pic.

Two Tasks. One Tool. Vid2Pic.

How much time could you save if your vehicle videos could produce quality still images? Let’s say the average auto dealership photographer spends about 10 minutes per vehicle moving, staging and photographing interior and exterior features. Assuming your photographer can complete about 20 vehicles per day, this adds up to just under 17 hours each week that could be saved!

LiveLot’s Vid2Pic feature automatically extracts a series of high-definition, quality photos that can be used for static inventory listings, while the video is used to create a live presentation of the vehicle. Your VDPs are easily loaded with still images and video with one simple tool.

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Benefits of this LiveLot premium feature include:

  • Simultaneously taking both photos and videos
  • Fulfilling both inventory photo and video marketing requirements
  • Automating the live video walk-around and inventory photo process
  • Improving video quality with video stabilization
  • Saving valuable time; uploading one video is faster than uploading a dozen photos

With one simple solution you can knock out two critical inventory needs and save time and money on a weekly basis. To learn more about LiveLot’s Vid2Pic from Dominion Dealer Specialties, call 877.421.1040.

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