WATCH: Driving Sales In Your Service Drive

WATCH: Driving Sales In Your Service Drive

By: Lindsay Crosson, Product Marketing Manager 

“You don’t always have to go out into the ocean to find the best opportunities or the biggest fish.  Like selling in service, sometimes they are right in front of you if you take the time to get the right bait and learn how to fish in those places.”  -David Lewis, CBT Automotive Network

It seems like dealerships across the country are eagerly trying to keep up with the latest and greatest industry and technology trends to capture their customers’ attention and pull them into their dealership.

Similar to fishing, dealers think they need the most complicated “bait” to hunt down customers. However, an average of 100-150 customers come into a dealership that are potentially prime candidates for a new vehicle. They come in the form of service drive customers and are exactly the “big fish” that dealers should be targeting!

Watch the Service to Sales video below to see how DealActivator helps dealers strategically tap into their service drive and capitalize on customers.


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