Can Your Equity Tool Do This?

Can Your Equity Tool Do This?


It can be difficult to weed through the available equity tools to find the solution that best fits your new or used car dealership. DealActivator won a Dealer’s Choice Diamond Award because it stands out from the pack. With over 10 years of careful and calculated development, DealActivator prides itself on having a clean, prescriptive approach that helps dealers capitalize on equity customers and sell more cars.

Sales teams often feel overwhelmed by the complexity of an equity tool. This results in employee resistance and ultimately ineffective results. One of DealActivator’s many notable features is the PriorityPage. It instantly ranks your best prospects so your dealership team will have a clear vision of who they should be targeting each day. The customers featured on the PriorityPage are usually eligible to upgrade to a new vehicle with a lower monthly payment. With that information at hand, the sales person can present an appealing offer and close the sale!

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