Are Your Competitors Dominating Local Listings?

Are Your Competitors Dominating Local Listings?

A recent study by LotVantage notes vehicle inventory posted to Craigslist turns about 10 days faster than those not listed on Craigslist. What if your dealership could sell vehicles even faster? Winning on listing sites like Craigslist requires a two-fold strategy for today’s automotive dealerships – professional, branded images and an automated process for managing new or used car inventory posts.

If online car shoppers click and buy from your local competitors on sites like Craigslist, take a step back and look at their advertising approach. Are their images crisp? Do they include dealership branding and/or contact information? How are the images arranged? What is unique about those vehicle comments?

Shoppers buy from auto dealers they trust, and trust starts with showcasing what the shopper wants…

Shoppers buy from automotive dealers they trust. This starts with showcasing what online car shoppers want – quick, accurate information. With local listing sites, car dealers don’t have a well- designed auto dealership website to attract customers; inventory photos give online consumers their first impression of a dealership. Spend the time to capture the essence of each vehicle and focus on the value-added features that are unique to various trim levels.

…think of your vehicle photo sequence as a storybook…

In addition, think of a new or used vehicle photo sequence as a storybook. Let the photos tell a story. Start with the exterior, then move inside to the driver’s seat (as the driver/shopper would), focusing on the entertainment and dashboard features. Glance at the passenger side and back seat space, and end with interior trunk or cargo areas. This process alone has created a natural flow for the shopper. Remember that clarity and photo angles are extremely important when telling a vehicle’s story. Implement a “shopper-friendly” photo practice that creates a positive emotion for online car shoppers.

Once you’ve nailed down your car dealership’s digital photo strategy, export this vehicle data to the local listings of your choice and observe the difference this makes.

Posting and managing sites like Craigslist shouldn’t be a big undertaking. Invest in a hands-free solution with listing intelligence for the best use of your budget and ROI.

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