DealActivator Selected as Hyundai South Region Preferred Partner

DealActivator Selected as Hyundai South Region Preferred Partner

Dominion Dealer Solutions’ award-winning equity mining platform, DealActivator, has been selected as a preferred equity partner for Hyundai’s South Region. This selection was largely based on DealActivator’s industry-leading offerings including: Soft Credit Pulls, Performance Booster on-site coaching, and Facebook advertising for Hyundai dealers.

Hyundai’s South Region dealers will join automotive dealers nationwide for the opportunity to realize an increase of 13% or more ROI with equity mining. DealActivator provides today’s franchise auto dealers with a refined equity experience that delivers new business development streams. Revenue opportunities include: traditional equity mining, service drive conquest through soft credit pull technology, target marketing, and overall strategy recommendations for the Hyundai South Region dealerships.

“DealActivator is proud to partner with Hyundai’s South Region dealers to deliver best-in-class equity mining software that impacts the bottom line. We strive to help dealers establish processes to succeed and sell more cars,” noted Jeff Ornell, director of equity solutions at Dominion Dealer Solutions.

For more information on the benefits of the DealActivator equity mining for your Hyundai dealership, please call 877-421-1040.

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