Digital Marketing in the Age of Amazon

Digital Marketing in the Age of Amazon

By: Amanda Krause, Marketing Specialist

Amazon has quickly become a powerhouse for online shopping. Shoppers can buy jewelry, clothes, electronics and even food with just the click of a button. Amazon has expanded its reach while keeping the shoppers in mind, thus making it is easier to purchase all of your necessities from one site versus having to visit three or four. In due time, Amazon may just take over the world! Although Amazon and the automotive industry remain separate for the time being, new and used car dealerships should look to the online powerhouse for ideas to better their car shopper’s experiences. Below are a few tips on how your dealership’s digital marketing can run more like Amazon.

The first thing 62%1 of online shoppers turn to before purchasing anything are the reviews.

The first thing 62%1 of online shoppers turn to before purchasing anything are a company’s reviews. Amazon makes sure that finding and writing reviews is simple. The products with a higher quantity and quality of posts tend to be the ones shoppers buy more often. Reading the reviews helps buyers trust that the product they receive will be one of quality. The same can be said with new and used car dealerships. Before deciding on where to service or purchase a new or used car, many car shoppers turn to reviews. If your online reputation is marred by one and two star reviews, it is likely you are losing customers. The better your dealership’s online reputation, the more likely for online car shoppers to trust you and your staff.

After a shopper purchases an item, Amazon will ask the buyer to leave a review. Automotive dealerships should be doing the same. It not only helps build an online footprint, but if any negative reviews arise, it gives your dealership staff time to address the problem and come to a resolution before the negative experience is blasted all over review sites.

…..88% of car shoppers use the internet to shop..

Aside from the reviews, another critical part of Amazon’s user experience is the responsive website design. Amazon’s website is easy to use whether it is on a phone, tablet or desktop thanks to its responsive design. Shoppers do not need to be on a specific device or in a certain browser in order to search. New and used car dealerships need to make sure their website is designed in the same manner. According to the 2016 Car Buyer Journey, 88% of car shoppers use the internet to shop so it is vital that your dealership’s website is easy to maneuver, SEO optimized and appealing to the eye. The harder is it to navigate your website, the higher your bounce rate. When building a website, remember to keep in mind, it needs to be user friendly across all browsers and devices from the homepage all the way to scheduling a service appointment.

In addition to having a responsive design, Amazon provides product detail pages that outline specific product attributes and dimensions, giving potential buyers a realistic idea of what to expecte. No product pages on Amazon are alike making the search process easier for the user all while helping answer any questions the shopper may have. Automotive dealerships need to follow suit. Vehicle Description Pages (VDPs) should have unique content and pricing. A Lexus RX is not the same as a Honda Civic, so their pages should reflect the differences in price and overall detail of the vehicle. Online car shoppers look to the VDP for pricing information, color of the vehicle, the type of engine, etc. so the better the VDP, the higher the chance someone visiting your website will submit a lead.

If an individual visits your website and leaves, social ads can be used to try and bring them back. Amazon and many other retailers use this retargeting tactic. Once a shopper leaves the website, ads will begin to appear based on what was searched for, viewed or bought. This is Amazon’s way of trying to get you to come back and spend more. Auto dealerships cantargetcar shoppers who looked at a specific VDP. In addition to retargeting ads, predictive inventory ads use the information about a shopper’s current vehicle and targets them based on new vehicles they may be interested in. These ads plant a seed in the car shopper’s head, thus increasing the chances they will step foot in your dealership and purchase a new car. in hopes of getting them into the dealership and purchasing a new vehicle.

By implementing a few of these tips, your dealership will be running like Amazon in no time. Stay tuned for part 3 of the 4 part series on how to run your dealership like Amazon. To implement the digital marketing strategies outlined above , call 877.421.1040.


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