Electronic Maintenance Menus in Your Service Drive

Electronic Maintenance Menus in Your Service Drive

Are You Using Electronic Maintenance Menus in your Service Drive?

In a highly competitive automotive service market dealers are looking for any competitive edge to increase market share. Electronic Maintenance Menus give you the opportunity to increase service gross and CSI while empowering your dealership with the advanced technology today’s consumers expect. In this blog, we will cover what Electronic Maintenance Menus within your DMS should be able to do to enhance your Service Drive performance.

Enhancing Dealership Customer Experience

“…the use of tablets by service advisors increased customer satisfaction from 17% to 24%.”

Brick and mortar retail stores are having to figure out how to win over customers in different ways than ever before. Years ago dealers could use coupons or giveaways to attract customers, but consumers are looking for something more than just a discount. Today, customers want a five-star experience that entices them to come back time and time again. Electronic Maintenance Menus add technology to the customer experience that enhances the overall dealership visit. The simple addition of a tablet gives customers the confidence that the service advisor is identifying required maintenance in real time and recording vehicle-specific needs on the spot.  According to a J.D. Power study, increases in the use of tablets by service advisors increased customer satisfaction from 17% to 24%. 

Electronic Maintenance Menus should also give your customer the exact OEM suggested maintenance down to make, model, VIN, year and mileage. This improves your team’s knowledge base, giving your customers more confidence in your team’s ability to meet their needs. Undoubtedly, increased functionality can make everyone’s experience with electronic maintenance menus a pleasant one.

Increasing Dealership functionality

Below are some features that should come with a built-in Electronic Service Maintenance Menu. Increased functionality keeps your advisors working efficiently and gets your customers back on the road quicker.

  • Real-Time Parts Count: allows advisors to see what parts they have on hand
  • Vin Specific Pricing: transparent, accurate, consistent pricing
  • Deferred Recommendation Alerts: advisors are prompted at the customers’ next visit for another selling opportunity
  • Maximize Options: customer’s decisions can be based on safety, budget and time available
  • Speed Parts: menu from RO to Parts fulfillment is seamless

Electronic Maintenance Menus should also include factory-scheduled maintenance, parts, and labor, in addition to the dealer-recommended services.  These components allow advisors to earn repeatable business by keeping customers’ vehicles current on recommended maintenance and fair pricing. Even with this added functionality, the fact remains new processes are hard to implement if the technology has friction points.

Dealership Advisor Process

“…when maintenance menus are presented up to 47% of the time the recommendations are accepted.”

Whenever you inject technology into a process, you will experience new learning curves.  It doesn’t help when the technology includes friction points that waste time. Electronic Maintenance Menus built into your DMS eliminate friction points like multiple logins, information duplication, and multiple system operations. Service drives need to be efficient and a DMS with Electronic Maintenance Menus built-in eliminates these time-wasting steps. This allows for an easily repeatable process with no slowdowns. Having an easily repeatable process is important because when maintenance menus are presented up to 47% of the time the recommendations are accepted according to DealerPro Training.  

Another advantage to Electronic Maintenance Menus is the ability to track the presentations of the Maintenance Menu made to all customers. Management now has visibility into the actual process and can coach employees to better performance. The combination of frictionless software and the ability to track presentations will lead your dealership to higher gross.

Dominion VUE™ DMS eliminates friction points with an all-in-one dealer management system that provides everything a dealership needs in a true cloud-based solution that will increase ROI and CSI. No need to jump in and out of third-party applications to perform just one task in your service drive process. Furthermore, improving the customer experience has been a challenge for many businesses in today’s ever-changing technology field. Dominion VUE ’s electronic maintenance menus can help you create that five-star experience your dealership needs.


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