Ferman Chevrolet’s DealActivator Success

Ferman Chevrolet’s DealActivator Success


Dominion Dealer Solutions’ DealActivator gives franchise dealerships an entirely new stream of business opportunities from highly-qualified, equity customers ready to close. DealActivator’s equity mining tool turns potential car buyers into repeat, loyal customers by offering newer vehicles for trade with lower payments. It drives a dealership’s message with targeted marketing, making this solution easy and effective for any dealership.

Craig Creager from Ferman Chevrolet, is one of Dominion’s satisfied DealActivator customers. DealActivator has proven to be an effective customer retention tool for his dealership. DealActivator helps his dealership maximize its morning service lane during peak hours and makes service walks more strategic by highlighting VIP-upgrade guests. It also provides a daily list of customers for his dealership to call the night before their service appointments. In the afternoon, Ferman Chevrolet uses DealActivator for smart follow-up marketing calls; sending out individual emails and setting appointments. Because of DealActivator, Ferman Chevrolet has averaged 20% total sales out of its benchmark of 10%- effectively doubling their sales. The efficient, user-friendly interface is easy to use, ensuring Craig’s team has the answers and tools necessary to drive continued success on the lot each day.

“I received a visit from a competitive equity company and was asked to compare their product to DealActivator, our current product. I love the user- friendliness of DealActivator, the Inventory page, which targets older inventory to sell to our existing database… DealActivator shows our entire inventory instead of showing only one vehicle at a time which can be tedious.

I use DealActivator daily to help me make calls, print letters, send emails and create proposal sheets to use with customers in the service lane as a visual aid. I’ve been with Dominion Dealer Solutions now for a few months and have had personal visits from our sales rep, who is always ready to help. My equity support specialist is quick to answer the phone when I call and answers any questions I have. Needless to say, I got off the phone with the competitor.”

-Craig Creager
Guest Relations Sales Manager, Ferman Chevrolet

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