F&I Managers: Are you using Digital Documents?

F&I Managers: Are you using Digital Documents?

By: Jennifer Sanford, Director of Strategic Marketing 

Dominion’s Digital Documents does more than just print forms on a laser printer. It facilitates a process that includes a large laser form library, document encryption, and the ability to upload for funding when using eContracting. This Dominion solution also offers dealers Wolters Kluwer Laser Bankers Systems® Contracts & Documents.

Print faster and SAVE with Dominion ACCESS Laser Forms!

Title Clerks enjoy the clarity and ease of use associated with the Wolters Kluwer forms.   

F&I Managers take advantage of the many benefits including: reducing the time it takes to print deals, having the forms in the same order, being ready for the customers to sign at the push of a few buttons and never having to worry about the alignment of the forms when scanning into an electronic deal jacket.  

Dealers like the fact that this process and library is cost-effective, comprehensive, and compliant.  

  • Over 700 lenders have approved forms in their library.  The Dominion solution provides forms for virtually all lenders.
  • With automatic form maintenance your dealership can be sure the forms are current. Wolters Kluwer forms include a complete compliance warranty.
  • The uniform document size reduces customer time spent in F&I.  It simplifies the digital deal scanning and faxing process as well.
  • Custom forms can be accommodated.  Your existing laser forms and aftermarket vendors’ PDF forms can be added to the library, usually at no additional cost.
  • Standard “Packets” are ready immediately and Custom “Packets” are available within a reasonable set up time.

The print forms option with the laser packs is by far the the easiest and best time saving option in the business.  — Eric Walden, Finance Manager, Chipola Ford

Dominion offers both eContracting through a dealer’s RouteOne integration and laser forms packages using the Wolters Kluwer forms in 23 states, and more states are being added each month.

While the eContracting integration and laser forms are being made available through Dominion, fees apply when incorporating these options into Dominion ACCESS.

Find out if Digital Documents is the right solution for your dealership, schedule a free consultation with a product specialist and learn about our Early Bird Special Offersave $500 off the standard $750 setup fee. Call 877.421.1040.

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