Fixed Ops should be more like Amazon

Fixed Ops should be more like Amazon

In Part 1 of our “Fixed Ops should be more like Amazon” blog series, we saw how car dealers gain repeat customers by delivering the new standard of communication set by Amazon. But there is more than just one lesson that automotive dealers can learn from Amazon’s communication methods and business flow.

Besides offering great communication, the online retail giant has set a high standard for ease-of-payment and checkout. When a shopper checks out on Amazon, all information can be auto-filled if the individual is a past customer. Amazon has eliminated the need to re-enter credit card information or addresses every time an order is placed. This time-saving feature makes a shopper’s checkout process easier, and alleviates the hassle of re-entering information every time they shop.

With Mobile Pay, the service customer would receive a text or email alert for payment when service is nearing completion.

New car dealerships should take note of Amazon’s streamlined checkout and make sure Mobile Pay is a key feature in the dealership’s dealer management system. Make service customers’ lives easier by having Mobile Pay as an option so they won’t need to search their wallets for the right credit card when it is time to pay. With Mobile Pay, the service customer receives a text or email alert for payment when service is nearing completion. With a few taps on their smartphone, they’ve paid their service bill and have avoided searching for the right card while waiting in the checkout line.

…a service concierge at your new car dealership would put an end to the waiting game.

With an easy checkout mastered, the next step for automotive dealerships is to make sure customers picking up their vehicles avoid waiting in line for their keys. Setting up a service concierge puts an end to the waiting game. Once a customer pays, a service concierge will have the customer’s car waiting, already vacuumed and washed. This process leaves a positive lasting impression on customers and creates Amazon-like loyalty.

Your new or used car dealership should work and operate like a company focused on streamlining the customer experience. With some fine tuning of your Dealer Management System’s features, you can easily accomplish this! Keep your internal dealership processes running smoothly to avoid having customers wait in lines and to ease the payment process. Amazon does a remarkable job making the shopping checkout process easy, setting them up for future visits. Stay tuned for part 3 of this series, focusing on how your dealership can keep customers coming back with Amazon-like methods.

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