Watch: Instantly Connect with Internet Leads

Watch: Instantly Connect with Internet Leads


The days of car shoppers searching for vehicles on the lot are over. Sure, they may eventually come to your new or used car dealership to test drive or purchase, but customers are doing all the car research they can online. Once an online shopper shows interest in a vehicle, chances are they will continue to shop around, compare prices, incentives, and maybe even fill out other contact forms. What makes your new or used car dealership stand out is how quickly you contact those internet leads. Prompt contact ultimately places an auto dealership in the pilot seat of the customer relationship and greatly increase the chances of that prospect purchasing a vehicle.

Dominion Dealer Solutions’ Web Control has recently integrated with Calldrip, an internet lead response tool, and the leader of real-time sales automation. Calldrip connects with potential customers while they’re still online and engaged with a new or used car dealership’s brand. The quicker this connection is made, the more likely dealers are to close the sale.

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