Your DMS Accounting Checklist

Your DMS Accounting Checklist

By Tom Edwards, National Sales Manager

One of the challenges that our DominionACCESS customers face is the risk of assumption. As experienced Controllers and Office Managers, you know the strengths and weaknesses of your current DMS accounting system. Assumptions that exist prior to a demo are often based on the hope that the new system can overcome current weaknesses. This rationale extends to thinking that a new DMS will also logically bring the old DMS’ accounting strengths with it. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

To assist the Accounting department, we have laid out a checklist of ten questions that should be asked as your dealership goes through the initial selection phase.  Some are simple questions regarding Excel reporting or how drill down into DMS accounting details. Other questions clarify how to search, how the name file is structured, how changes can be made, and what ‘real time’ means to them. Does the system use a single name file to prevent duplicate names? Are entries, postings and reports viewable in real-time? When a RO, PO, or Parts invoice is closed, does it instantly post in accounting? Can authorized managers drill down in an Accounting DOC report? Can all reports be formatted in Excel? Does the system have the ability to selectively search for items, such as: F&I deals, purchase orders, or Parts and Service invoices? Is there a cost for document scanning/archiving, and if so, what is it? Can the system separate an automotive dealership’s core inventory from that of the Parts department? Can any stock number be changed easily if it’s entered into a DMS accounting system incorrectly? Can recurring entries be automatically posted?

We hope you find these helpful. Download the complete checklist here.

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