Leverage Instagram Ads to Sell More Cars

Leverage Instagram Ads to Sell More Cars

By: Jacque Birkeland, Senior Social Media Specialist

Millions of potential car buyers are on their smartphones all day, every day. One of the most popular apps that these online car shoppers scroll through is the image-sharing network, Instagram. With 500 million users on Instagram, it would be an absolute shame not to utilize this fast-growing app in your automotive dealership’s mobile marketing strategy. 1

With 500 million users on Instagram, it would be an absolute shame not to utilize this fast-growing app…


The beauty of utilizing this social media channel is that Instagram users are incredibly engaged. Advertising on Instagram allows new and used car dealerships to share their visually-striking content with captivated viewers. Instagram ads can even include call to action buttons encouraging viewers to “Shop Now” or “Learn More” about a specific vehicle or service. By taking advantage of these call to action buttons, ads link back to your dealership’s responsive website; leading viewers to the exact vehicle that they’re looking for. Yotpo.com, a company that offers a new social curation tool for Instagram, reports that 30% of Instagram users have purchased products discovered on Instagram. 2

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Facebook’s detailed audience targeting is also available on Instagram, directing ads to those in a specific area, with certain interests and in-market behaviors. Although an ad may only receive a few Facebook likes, that same ad can receive hundreds of Instagram likes, and the product may actually sell because of the placement on this popular platform. This makes Instagram ads an attractive option when considering where to spend your online ad budget.


Instagram is not only growing, but listening to its users’ demands. This gives dealerships additional opportunities to present their brand to Instagram’s ever-increasing audience size. In an interview with Bloomberg, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom noted that video, in particular, has seen significant growth on the platform in the last six months, with video viewing time rising 150%. Instagram recently increased the maximum length of video posts on their platform from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, reflecting that change in user demand. 1

Advertising on Instagram allows you to increase your automotive dealership’s brand awareness and showcase all that your business has to offer. Reach even more potential car buyers through an app that’s gaining more and more traction. According to eMarketer research, 51.8% of social network users will use Instagram by 2017. 3

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