Leveraging the power of Facebook + Instagram to Sell Cars

Leveraging the power of Facebook + Instagram to Sell Cars

Some people say that the digital age prevents people from having human interactions. While sometimes it’s easier to talk to friends and family via Social Media, channels like Instagram and Facebook Live are not only trying to change how we communicate but also how we do business — including how we sell cars!

According to Social Media Today, Instagram now has “more than 600 million registered users, with more than 300 million of them logging into the app daily. For brands looking for engagement, it doesn’t get much better than that, especially among the younger populations.”1

Instagram has also found a way to drive consumers to new and used car dealership websites. Instagram business pages that include the ‘Swipe Up to Shop’ feature will direct car buyers back to a designated dealership website. With Instagram’s eye-catching, easy-to-use photo and video platform, your dealership can promote OEM sales events like Honda College Grad Bonus, Toyota Closeout Sales and other dealer incentives. You can also easily integrate Instagram and Facebook ads to cross-promote content. Instagram ads with “Learn More” call-to-action buttons drive car buyers to a specific vehicle or service promotion. And with Facebook’s hypertargeting available on Instagram, directing ads to buyers already interested in your new or used cars just got much easier! Even better news? Dominion Dealer Solutions offers Responsive Websites to improve your shoppers’ experience with better and faster content and Social Ad Management that uses the hypertargeting power of Facebook, offering your dealership customized ads to target shoppers in all stages of the buying process.

Building a stronger presence on Instagram, along with taking advantage of Instagram stories, will drive more traffic to your automotive dealership website. According to Think With Google 2, 71% of the car-buying journey occurs on mobile devices — with 139 Google searches, 14 videos, 89 images and 69 dealer interactions via websites and online reviews. With an average of 139 Google searches, today’s new and used car dealerships have 139 opportunities to provide relevant and useful content that shapes a purchasing decision. Your customers and future customers are searching for you online. Everything you do online — social media, reviews and ratings, video and email marketing, SEM/PPC advertising, and more — leads consumers to your website. It’s the first experience the customer will have with you. It’s your showroom and your brand. Our award-winning responsive design platform will help you make each customer experience a good one.

Facebook and Instagram are not going anywhere soon. Instagram just became a huge social media powerhouse. Take advantage of it! For help with your Social Media or websites, talk to a Digital Specialist. Click here or call 877.421.1040.

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