Oh What a Difference On-site Training Can Make

Oh What a Difference On-site Training Can Make

According to Automotive News, only about 20% of car dealers make substantial use of their equity mining solutions. Last week in our blog, 3 Reasons Why Automotive Data Mining is a Must-Have, we discussed the key role equity mining plays in the profitability of every dealership — but this process won’t work unless it’s backed by a dealership’s employees.

All too often, auto dealership employees don’t use an equity mining solution because:

  • Face-to-face product training during setup is non-existent
  • Staff turnover increases, causing a lack of training for new employees
  • Reporting on success metrics is missing

…your employees must have a complete understanding of your data mining solution…

In order to mine your auto dealership’s database for customers in a positive equity position, your employees must have a complete understanding of the data mining solution and accompanying best practices.

In the second chapter of our latest eBook, 4 Steps to Accelerate Your Equity Mining Success, new and used car dealers will learn the differentiating factors of continuous on-site equity training. Successful equity mining training at the dealership must be performed by a specialist with a strong understanding of the dealership’s specific needs. In-person training can make a huge difference when installing a new automotive data mining software.

Learn the Benefits of On-Site Training – Get the eBook!

Simplify the equity mining processes in your dealership with powerful software. DealActivator, powered by Dominion Dealer Solutions, is an award-winning equity mining solution with experts to help your employees get started and stay engaged with the software. Ask about Performance Booster training sessions! Click or call 877.421.1040 to learn more.

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