Success Story: Jay Wolfe Toyota Boosts Retention Sales with DealActivator

Success Story: Jay Wolfe Toyota Boosts Retention Sales with DealActivator

By: John Hardacre, Product Manager

What does it take to turn a car dealership’s demonstrated equity mining potential into actual sales? A simple solution, real relationships, and dedication to process.

Automotive software tools tend to peak during the demonstration phase. Real results fall flat due to lack of process and direction within the dealership. In order to get past the “dummy data” results and start seeing real units sold each month, relationships and processes need to be built beyond the demo.

General Manager Johnnie Andrawos and his team at Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County partnered with DealActivator in the last year to achieve just that. They had hit a plateau with their previous equity mining tool and were not achieving the results desired. Soon after installing DealActivator, their monthly sales started to trend upward. The team consistently aims to surpass their peak point, which currently stands at 42 retention sales in one month.

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With their previous vendor, Jay Wolfe Toyota did not have a defined deal process in the service drive. There was only one person calling the daily list of service opportunities in an upgrade position. After switching to DealActivator, their equity mining process improved and began contributing real results.

We’ve been using DealActivator for a year and 2 months and since implementing our Advantage Program, we’ve been picking up more traction in the service lane each month,

explained Andrawos.

How does one measure traction? With a streak of seven upgrades in seven days solely from the service lane, the process Andrawos and his team implemented is anything but a fluke. The seamless service lane process fires up each morning with new leads generated from DealActivator. These leads, combined with eye-catching materials created by DealActivator’s marketing team, generate substantial new revenue directly from the service drive.

DealActivator’s service solution, coupled with Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County’s Advantage Program, is just one of the profit centers that is driving this dealership’s success.

“This is my retention tool and it’s where I get my trades,” Andrawos commented. “We depend on it to generate a lot of business. I’d say half of our retention business comes from the marketing within DealActivator and the other half is user-driven.”

So, what’s the solution for a dealership experiencing the demo hype, but not seeing results in their actual sales count? The answer is simple- more hands-on process development from their vendor’s team. Jay Wolfe Toyota is ready to sell 50-60 units per month. A streamlined equity process leads to real results.

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