Three Ways to Boost DealActivator Sales

Three Ways to Boost DealActivator Sales

By: Steve Lausch, Director of Product Marketing


Beyond the power inherent in the DealActivator application, NEW Performance Boosters empower dealers with strength from strategy, confidence from coaching, and the power of a plan for Equity Mining success. Check out DealActivator’s three new consulting packages, crafted to best suit the needs of any dealership.

Kick-Off Performance Booster
Recommended for All New Installations

Nothing will set your team up for immediate equity mining success like our Kick-Off Performance Booster.

Dealerships can accelerate equity mining results by supplementing our standard remote deployment with a customized, onsite launch of DealActivator.

Prior to arriving, your DealActivator Consultant will work with you to develop a unique and detailed training plan, based on your dealership’s staffing and objectives in three key areas of opportunity: Service, Sales, & Inventory Management.

Once on site, your DealActivator consultant will deliver strategic process coaching that will enable your organization to put DealActivator to work for you.

Re-Launch Performance Booster
Recommended for Aligning New Staff

Tackle the negative impacts of turnover head-on with DealActivator’s Re-Launch Booster Package.

Before the visit, your consultant will assess your current equity mining strategy and recommend specific training and process improvement opportunities.  

With the Re-Launch package, your DealActivator consultant will come onsite and deliver strategic process coaching that will maximize the equity mining power of DealActivator.

Performance Booster
Recommended for achieving maximum results

For dealers ready to push into a higher gear, Dominion offers the Performance Booster package. In addition to the standard remote services your store will enjoy, this package emphasizes a commitment to equity mining.

Through ongoing performance monitoring, your DealActivator consultant will monitor key success metrics and make specific recommendations for achieving even greater equity mining results.  
Joining you on-site, as needed, your DealActivator Consultant will conduct bimonthly performance reviews and strategic coaching to ensure measurable, long-term success with DealActivator.

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