Turn Your Service Lane into a Profitable Sales Hub

Turn Your Service Lane into a Profitable Sales Hub

The service lane forecast is pretty predictable. You can usually expect a “front” of customers in the morning, scattered walk-ins throughout the day, with heavy weekends and lighter weekdays. The predictability of the service lane makes it the perfect hub for daily sales.

Every customer in your dealership’s service lane could also become a future car buyer. Potential buyers like these could be pouring a cup of coffee in your lounge as we speak. These customers have the “upgrade factor.”

Service customers like to know what to expect and are typically proactive about setting appointments. To take advantage of the opportunity to maximize your service lane, follow their lead and look to tomorrow. Set yourself up for success by looking at DealActivator’s Daily Service Tab- your personal “forecast” for what tomorrow holds. You can filter this preview of the upcoming day’s customers to find customers that are in a prime equity position. Make the most of these potential buyers with a phone call confirming the appointment time in advance. Offer them a “VIP experience” by walking them through their exclusive upgrade opportunity.

Set yourself up for success by looking at DealActivator’s Daily Service Tab as the “forecast” of what tomorrow holds.

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Like everything in life, planning and preparation are key in making equity-based sales. Do your homework before service customers arrive by taking a look at their service history and related Repair Order (RO) costs. Is it comparable to a sizable down payment on an upgraded vehicle? Take a peek at the warranty life. Is their term almost over? Get to know these customers by using the data in DealActivator, and tailor your conversation to speak to their personal upgrade opportunities. Showcase the reason why now is the perfect time for an upgrade.

Think about it, as a consumer you receive upgrade offers all the time. Would Apple replace your shattered screen without encouraging you to upgrade to the next generation iPhone? When a guest blocks out a period of time to visit your dealership, your service lane team should use that time for a one-on-one consultation. Ensure they are armed and ready with DealActivator’s presentation sheet for the best test drive vehicle match.


The service lane can become one of your most productive sources for sales; one that most often yields a better customer experience and ensures that higher retention and service business at your auto dealership for years to come. So don’t wait for customers to walk over to the sales floor. Take full advantage of customers in equity- rich positions. You have all the tools at your fingertips with DealActivator.

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