Customized Product Training Webinars Available Now!

Customized Product Training Webinars Available Now!

By: John Hardacre, Product Manager

At Dominion we believe that the quality and availability of our product training is one of the primary reasons for our clients’ success in utilizing our products. We provide a variety of training options for our clients to choose from including: facilitated webinars each week, product videos, and best-in-class training programs.

We understand that our clients aren’t always available during our regularly scheduled webinars, or they simply want a class tailored to their specific needs. Because of this, Dominion is very pleased to announce that we now offer Customized Webinars to dealerships using the following products: DealActivator, Web Control, and Websites.  We will continue to add more products over the next few months.

Want in-person training? DealActivator Boot Camps are coming to a city near you – Register today!

You can schedule personalized training sessions for individuals or groups. These customized sessions are delivered by a team of product experts that can offer practical product instruction. More importantly they offer insight on the best techniques for the highest ROI. Each trainer will provide any applicable Training Guides during the custom webinar.

The great news is that these customized sessions are offered at no additional cost to the dealer! Webinars can be scheduled Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST.

The great news is these customized sessions are offered at
no additional cost to the dealer!

To schedule your personalized webinar training session:

1. Visit the Custom Webinar Request page
2. Complete the request form
3. Once the form is submitted, a Training Specialists will contact you to discuss your training needs, content to be reviewed, and to set up a time and date
4. You can also access the form directly from Welcome Page on Dominion Dealer University

Sign up today for your own customized Product Training Webinar!

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