Fixed Ops & Facebook: A Match Made in Heaven

Fixed Ops & Facebook: A Match Made in Heaven

You may have read the title and wondered: “Why is reaching an automotive dealership’s past and potential Fixed Ops customer base so important?” And continued to think, “I really just
want to sell vehicles.”

To answer this question simply, it’s important to understand that the average automotive
dealership writes over 17,000 repair orders each year, and as a whole, the Fixed Operations
Department accounts for the majority share of all operating profits; driving the vehicle
ownership and loyalty cycle. This, in turn, means that a successful Fixed Operations Department equals a successful dealership.

…a successful Fixed Operations Department equals a successful dealership.

Unfortunately, very few automotive dealerships are leveraging the power of Facebook for their Fixed Operations Department. Instead, social media efforts are focused on getting ‘likes’ on recent shared photos, or perhaps around brand awareness. I would ask these dealerships: how does a ‘like’ impact your dealership’s bottom line? You don’t need me to tell you that it doesn’t, you already know.

Where does Facebook come in? Having the best revenue-strengthening advertising
channel in place is fundamental to the continued success of any dealership, but it’s also key to growth. Facebook allows not only a dealership, but a dealership’s Fixed Operations Department, to connect with customers where they’re spending their time: on social media. According to BrightLocal, the average consumer spends three or more hours a day on their mobile phone, with one in every five minutes of that on Facebook. By leveraging DMS data and unlocking exclusive targeting capabilities, your auto dealership’s Fixed Operations Department will deploy hyper-targeted communications directly to customers on their Facebook News Feed – connecting the right message, to the right customer, at the right time.

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As you can imagine, there are an array of reasons why Fixed Operations Departments aren’t
currently leveraging Facebook in their advertising mix. The underlying reason boils down to the sheer volume of communications that are needed at a Fixed Operations level, and simply not having the ability to dynamically automate personalized communications. That’s where partnering with a digital marketing vendor, like Dominion’s Prime Response, comes into play.

Prime Response helps Fixed Operations Departments keep their service drives full by connecting with customers and prospects at the right point in their vehicle ownership cycle. If you’re looking to learn more, click or call 877.4210.1040 today!

*Actual dealer results.

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