Is Your DMS Hurting Your Fixed Ops Process?

Is Your DMS Hurting Your Fixed Ops Process?

There are a wide variety of Dealer Management System (DMS) providers in the market today and determining differences is challenging. Since a DMS manages a very large part of your business, we broke the complex systems down into specific sections.

“Fixed Operations produces over 60 percent of a dealership’s net profits”

Let’s start with the Fixed Ops tools in your dealer management system. Maximizing your Fixed Operations department is more important than ever due to shrinking margins on the front end of dealerships. According to NADA statistics, while fixed operations only account for 12 percent of the total revenue, it produces over 60 percent of a dealership’s net profits.

Do your Service Advisors and Technicians tend to hit speed bumps when trying to work with all of the 3rd-party applications you have? Are you able to communicate effectively with your Fixed Ops customers? A highly efficient system will allow your fixed operations personnel to provide the best service to the customer and increase your ROI. Understanding your DMS Fixed Ops offerings is crucial before making any decisions on upgrading or adding even more 3rd parties.


Use this checklist to evaluate your DMS’  Fixed Ops department

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