Understanding Complex Buying Behavior

Understanding Complex Buying Behavior

By: Steve Lausch, Director of Product Marketing

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Consumers making a significant purchase, such as buying a new or used vehicle, exhibit complex buying behavior. This behavior is marked by key characteristics.

When purchasing a car, consumers are highly involved in the entire research and decision-making process. They will spend time and energy ensuring that they not only make the right choice, but get a good deal. As every car shopper knows, cars are expensive and need to last for a long period of time. Regardless of the vehicle purchased, every car is used to make memories.

Dealers understand that a car shopper needs to be sure that he or she will still love the vehicle long after the deal is closed. With this in mind, it’s important to  remember that consumers are not alone in making vehicle purchase decisions. Family, friends, and even online reviews and social media can affect where which dealerships consumers visit and which vehicles they ultimately purchase.

A dealership’s website also affects whether car shoppers visit your dealership, or not. By providing your consumers with the important information they need on a responsive website, they are able to move through this process much easier and faster. Responsive websites drive today’s car shoppers right to your auto dealership. As awareness of these characteristics connects and enhances your consumer’s shopping experience.

Dominion Dealer Solutions can pave the path toward deeper engagements with more digital shoppers. With Responsive Websites and Prime Response, dealers can win the consumer over before they even enter a dealership.

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