Is Your DMS Hurting the Service Drive?

Is Your DMS Hurting the Service Drive?

By:Jennifer Sanford, Director of Strategic Marketing

As showroom sales slow down, automotive dealers across the nation are increasing focus on the business within their service drives. There are new technologies and services popping up to help dealers improve Service marketing and profitability. In fact, Dominion Dealer Solutions has invested heavily in providing our customers with effective service-based marketing solutions.

Dominion has invested heavily in providing our customers with effective service-based marketing solutions

As dealers consider these business development options, it’s important to make sure that the underlying processes are working as expected. Are your service costs in alignment so that you can earn more money on each new customer entering your dealership’s service lane?

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One area that could be hurting your dealership is your Dealer Management System (DMS). Depending on how your DMS is set up, your Service Technicians may be spending unnecessary time walking back and forth between their stalls, to their advisor or the parts counter, or reaching your customers when their vehicles are ready. Below are a handful of questions that you can use to evaluate how well your DMS is supporting your service business.

1) Can you quickly view a specific customer’s sales, service and parts history in one record?

2) From the DMS, can you email a customer and attach a PDF copy of the completed RO?

3) Does your DMS have digital signature capability?

4) Can you easily create ROs for a Quick Lube or Fast Lane?

5) Can the DMS produce real-time reports to see ongoing activity in Service?

If the answer to any of the above questions is no, download this pdf for more information about how Dominion ACCESS can improve your Service Lane profitability or call us at 877.421.1040.


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