Missed Equity Marketing Opportunities

Missed Equity Marketing Opportunities

In a world in which consumers are glued to their smartphones, your dealership’s customers can be immediately notified of promotional or incentive email messages as they stare at the screen resting in the palms of their hands.

This inexpensive form of direct messaging allows automotive dealerships to send appealing call-to-action messages that speak to recipients and, in turn, create responses. Email marketing’s unique benefits differentiates it from other traditional media advertising that tends to break the bank while only spreading a broad message instead of personalized ones.

The opportunity for company exposure, interaction and ROI that email marketing can provide is constantly being overlooked.

The opportunity for company exposure, interaction and ROI that email marketing can provide is constantly being overlooked. Although, in order to reap the benefits of email marketing, your new or used car dealership must ensure its email address database is up to date and fully populated with your current contacts’ email addresses.

Yes, we understand this can be challenging. Grabbing the name and phone number of a current or potential customer, as well as details of their vehicle of interest, is a no-brainer. And despite the fact that email addresses play a key role in driving traffic to automotive websites and dealership floors, getting that extra piece of information is often forgotten. Not to mention, the email addresses you do receive may also change or become invalid not long after you have them in your database. On average, auto dealers lose 30% of their customers’ emails each year.

Don’t feel discouraged! eAppend technology, available inside Dominion Dealer Solutions’ award-winning equity solution DealActivator, can alleviate these issues.

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eAppends takes the work away from your auto dealership staff and use its software (harboring over 750 million records) to discover unique, permission-based, CAN-SPAM compliant email addresses. The matches provided can reach an append rate of up to 40% and are based on name and address of the individual (full name and address) or household match level (last name and address). With this information, your dealership can now execute additional marketing campaigns on what would otherwise have been missed opportunities. eAppends engages customers that have not been as active, and ultimately increases retention.

According to a recent census by Adestra,you can see an average increase of 30% in your ROI when you use email appending. Check out these other benefits of eAppends:

  • Improve email marketing data
  • Widen campaign audience and increase email marketing ROI
  • Increase customer service response and retention
  • Reduce direct mailing costs
  • Append fresh emails to database contacts without email addresses
  • Expand database touchpoints

Learn more about how your new or used car dealership can increase email engagement and effectively reach in-market consumers. Get started with DealActivator today, call 877.421.1040.

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