PCG – Prime Response Research Study: Influences in Consumer Shopping Behavior

PCG – Prime Response Research Study: Influences in Consumer Shopping Behavior

By: Michael Sos, Director, Prime and Digital Strategy

Today, consumers rely on online resources to conduct research before making a significant purchase. They no longer simply count on dealerships for vehicle information. There are numerous ways for consumers to share their experiences and opinions with one another online. If one customer has a bad experience and shares it, it could affect the decision-making of other customers at that dealership. Reviews play a large role in the car buyer’s purchase process. Products with both a high number of, and high-scoring, reviews are purchased. In a competitive marketplace, a large quantity of positive reviews can significantly influence what a consumer will purchase.*  

It is important to understand the effects a negative review can have. This is especially true if a negative dealership review is ignored. If dealers do not respond to their negative reviews, consumers may draw conclusions about the dealership and cross them off their list. Car shoppers may assume that they will have the same negative experience or that the dealership just doesn’t care. It is important for dealers to respond quickly and try to remedy the situation. The response itself can change the perception for other car buyers. Responding in a timely fashion to at least take the conversation offline shows that the dealership does, in fact, care and wants to improve their customer experiences. 


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Prime Response, from Dominion Dealer Solutions, is a tool created to help automotive dealers combat negative reviews, while increasing the amount of positive reviews. The Prime Response account managers help dealers across the country, and manage their online reviews, and as a result, their online reputations.

*PCG Research Prime Response Case Study

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