Study: Dominion Dealer Specialties’ Merchandising Solutions Sell Cars Faster

Study: Dominion Dealer Specialties’ Merchandising Solutions Sell Cars Faster

By: Shane Marcum, General Manager, Cross-Sell and Inventory Solutions 

We recently conducted a review of dealers using Dominion Dealer Specialties’ inventory management and merchandising tools. The results are impressive. Good merchandising statistically helps sell cars faster. There was improved turn for certified, new and used vehicles, though the most dramatic results related to used vehicles.

Study: Dominion Dealer Specialties’ Merchandising Solutions Sell Cars Faster

We found that the following Dominion Dealer Specialties merchandising tools help dealers significantly reduce the number of days that it takes to sell a vehicle.

Live Walkaround Video

Video is the best format to drive car shopper consideration and increase search engine traffic. Live video creates a virtual test drive; engaging car shoppers with a full-motion review of each vehicle. Using a proven strategy, Dominion Dealer Specialties’ Lot Service Specialists capture, process, brand and distribute captivating unique vehicle videos that sell cars faster.

New Vehicles 79 vs. 85 Days 7.1% Faster
Certified Vehicles 66 vs. 82 Days 19.6% Faster
Used Vehicles 54 vs. 68 Days 20.6% Faster

Dominion Inventory Manager Pro Package

Dominion Inventory Manager Pro Package delivers best-in-class inventory merchandising to drive faster inventory turn. Industry-leading inventory management and market-based analytics ensure that dealers deliver the best price and merchandising for every vehicle.

New Vehicles 76 vs. 81 Days 6.2% Faster
Certified Vehicles 72 vs. 88 Days 18.2% Faster
Used Vehicles 52 vs. 69 Days 24.7% Faster

Dominion StoryBuilder™

Unique, VIN-specific stories make your vehicles stand out and ignite an emotional connection with your customers. Dominion StoryBuilder automatically generates unique and compelling vehicle comments. By instantly transforming vehicle-specific data into engaging stories, dealerships draw in potential car buyers online and sell vehicles faster.

New Vehicles 78 vs. 85 Days 8.2% Faster
Certified Vehicles 68 vs. 79 Days 13.9% Faster
Used Vehicles 50 vs. 68 Days 26.5% Faster

SpinCar 360° Interactive Walkaround

Consumers love interactive content. The SpinCar 360° Walkaround tool lets car shoppers interact with your dealership’s new and used vehicles. Users can rotate cars to view a complete walkaround or click on hotspots to reveal more information about specific vehicle details. This engaged interaction turns available inventory faster.

New Vehicles 67 vs. 81 Days 17.3% Faster
Certified Vehicles 69 vs. 85 Days 18.9% Faster
Used Vehicles 43 vs. 67 Days 35.9% Faster

These results prove that a comprehensive inventory strategy using Dominion Dealer Specialties’ Merchandising Solutions can sell cars faster. Contact us at 877-421-1040, or visit our website to learn more.

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