Why Periscope Should Be on Your Radar

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Why Periscope Should Be on Your Radar

Have you ever wanted to attend a child’s sporting event, but couldn’t?  Did you ever wish you could watch a sporting event live- in real time?  Live streaming video is the hottest new social media technology. Every major social media channel is headed in that direction. Meerkat is the long established player in live video, but Twitter has recently launched Periscope. If you haven’t heard of this new app, it’s time to take notice.

Through Periscope, users not only experience, but participate in events anywhere in the world via live-streaming audio and video on their smartphones. After downloading the app (available for iOS and Android), consumers get instant access to scopes happening at that very moment anywhere in the world. The broadcasts are real-time; perfect for sharing live content, time-sensitive information, and generating immediate interest in one-time events.

How are automotive dealers using Periscope?

Try marketing a New Car Tent Sale. Periscoping the event helps dealers showcase vehicles for sale and invites viewers to see a vehicle up close. How about marketing a fresh piece of inventory right as it is delivered?  Dealers are using quick Periscope sessions to generate immediate interest in new vehicles that do not yet have pictures online. Combine a Periscope session with a tweet and watch the power of social media take over.

How do I gain viewer interest?

Periscope is tied to your Twitter account. Your Twitter contacts will automatically be alerted when you have an upcoming scope session. You can use your other social networks to help build your Twitter following by posting details of your upcoming session across an established social landscape.

Can Periscope drive interaction?

Absolutely, Periscope participants can interact with you during the session. They can comment and ask questions and you can respond in real-time. The broadcasts disappear after 24 hours. Save scopes to your camera roll and upload them to YouTube as promotional videos for future replay. You can share access to these replays through all social platforms to engage with customers who may have missed the original Periscope event.

Why Use Periscope?

Periscope is easy to use and perfect for announcements, service maintenance sessions, new model launches, etc. that you want your customers to be able to access for a longer period of time. Whether you choose to save specific scopes or not, Periscope provides an informal vehicle to connect with customers, and deliver a unique experience that adds value for your dealership.

Periscope sessions are intended to be more personal than online videos in general since they provide live interaction and feedback. Consider a ‘winterize your vehicle’ or ‘ask a mechanic’ session to help educate your customers and build trust. If you are looking for a way to differentiate your dealership while building your social media following, give Periscope a try.


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