3 Ways to Capture the Heart of Your Online Shopper

3 Ways to Capture the Heart of Your Online Shopper

As online car shoppers begin to research their next vehicle purchases, they approach decisions that are highly involved, unfamiliar, expensive, emotional, personal, infrequent, and rarely made alone (for a review of this “complex buying behavior” check out the first chapter of our new free marketing guide, Rocking Your Sales Funnel).

The automotive dealer who appreciates a car shopper’s wants, needs, and fears is the dealer most likely to capture the shopper’s heart and win new business. It comes down to asking this question:

What can we do to meet them where they are and help them through the process?

Helping your prospective shoppers begins long before that first handshake on the lot. Rather, it requires car dealers to focus on the following three goals:

  1. Capture the search with stellar content, smart SEO, and 5-star reputation management.
  2. Capture the shopper with an exceptional website experience, complete with amazing photography, video, and comments on every last VDP.
  3. Capture the shopping process with tools that enable individual consumers to to shop by payment, preference, and trade.

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