Friction Points and Your Automotive DMS

Friction Points and Your Automotive DMS

By: Alex Haab, Product Marketing Manager

Whether automotive dealers like it or not, software is rapidly changing. A new software solution is meant to be intuitive and increase the efficiency of current dealership business processes, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes new software doesn’t take into consideration its legacy system’s constraints.

Friction points can arise when software companies attempt to integrate modern third-party add-ons with a more outdated core solution, rather than implementing a whole new system. Friction points are like speed bumps that slow dealers down. They create redundant work, frustrated employees, and slower processes. So, what are some common friction points, and how can they be prevented?

“Duplicate work in DMS and the 3rd-party add-on is the most common friction point in dealership software.”

For most dealers, problematic friction points crop up in the form of third-party software integration with their automotive DMS. Most third-party software is designed to create a better experience and a better process for the dealership user; however, when duplicate work is required that defeats the purpose. Duplicate work in the DMS and the 3rd-party add-on is the most common friction point in dealership software. Think about it, after completing a task in the third party do you then have to log back into the DMS to complete the same task? While this keeps the business up to date, it sure is tedious!

This one repeated step can cause:

Employee frustration
A slowdown or stoppage of the workflow
False Reporting
Slower customer turn time
Lower ROI and Decreased CSI

“…replicating the same task a hundred times a day is a waste of time and may also cause steps to get lost in the process.”

If you absolutely love your current third party you should assess what you love most about it, then consider how it could be better. During this assessment, you will probably locate a few of the dreaded friction points. These friction points are most likely byproducts of a patched together a process involving multiple systems. It may seem like these friction points can be fixed with very small adjustments to your process. However, replicating the same task a hundred times a day is a waste of time and may also cause steps to get lost in the process. Starting to rethink those third-parties? If you are, it may be time to search for DMS technology that does not require third-party add-ons.

Dominion VUE™ is the only automotive DMS built by design with an entire service experience in mind. We built processes into a single application that runs the entire customer and employee process. Dominion VUE has fluid fixed operations processes built in, from the appointment all the way to the Mobile Pay option. A true cloud-based DMS like Dominion VUE saves you time and money with its embedded suite of tools.

Many industries including the automotive industry have become accustomed to disjointed technology and these integration friction points. Before you head to NADA to check out new software, make sure you review the friction points in your dealership and ask questions about how your DMS integrates with third-party software. Maybe it’s time to explore a new DMS that is built from the ground up with communication, fixed ops, reporting and sales tools built in to prevent friction points.

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