PCG Prime Response Research Part 3

PCG Prime Response Research Part 3

By: Michael Sos, Director, Prime and Digital Strategy

In this month’s PCG blog series Part one and two, we reviewed social media tips, specifically the importance of boosting activity through posts on various social media outlets. We also discussed how reviews play a significant role in the consumer decision process. A review potentially determines if a consumer will visit your dealership. Likewise, a boosted post on social media can increase the likelihood that an in-market shopper visits dealership’s website and interacts with new or used vehicle inventory. The goal of a social campaign is to generate visitors to your dealership’s website and, ultimately, to your vehicle description pages (VDPs).

By increasing new visitors, dealers increase the interest of each car promoted in inventory. Prime Response generates reports depicting how well boosted posts performed within the campaign and how many visitors it generated. The reports include page visits and a breakdown of how many of them were actual “shoppers.” Since Prime Response reports are integrated with Google Analytics, reviewing a campaign’s success is easy. 


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The dashboard provides a clear and comprehensive outlook of the dealership’s reviews, website analytics, and social media engagement. It gives dealers the opportunity to optimize their website and campaigns from one central location. With the dashboards “one-stop-shop” view, dealers can see how many visitors are coming to a specific website, and how many of them are engaging with current inventory. With Prime Response’s reports, dealers can validate the ROI on their marketing. It is important that shoppers are lead to VDPs, since these shoppers are more likely to call or visit a dealership.

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Dominion Dealer Solution’s Prime Response offers dealers a multitude of tools to help drive success. In this blog series, PCG Research has considered how Prime Response can help protect a dealership’s reputation by combating negative reviews and how social media can help push inventory. The reports and dashboard features makes it simple to track the success of boosted campaigns and how well customers are engaging with the website. Prime Response is the solution. The free research study highlights the tools, tips, and benefits of using Dominion Dealer Solutions’ Prime Response tools for social media and reputation management. Click here to read the entire study.

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