Don’t Miss Dominion’s Top 5 Blogs of September

Don’t Miss Dominion’s Top 5 Blogs of September

By: Peyton Hoffman, Director of Public Relations and Event Management

Did you catch these compelling blogs last month? Check out Dominion’s top 5 blogs for September:

1.Let Your Vehicles Do the Talkingvehicle-talking-blog-image

Creating unique vehicle descriptions for your inventory can be exhausting. Not to mention, time consuming. Many dealerships write vehicle stories in-house, relying on the Internet Department to manually develop engaging, action-oriented content. Dealerships suffer when employees rush to insert comments and do not use relevant keywords or vehicle data to build a true story. Keep Reading.

2.The Fastest Way to Waste Your Ad Dollars

Digital Ad Dollars BlogWhen considering today’s digital landscape, there are countless avenues automotive dealerships can take to connect with digital car shoppers. One way may be allocating a certain percentage of your dealership’s digital advertising budget toward display, pre-roll, or VIN-level search marketing. Keep Reading.


3. 4 Ways To Build Your Text Opt-In List

Dominion’s Web Control now provides the option for car dealers to communicate with their customers via text. Companies w28377589694_b46f042261_bho use SMS enjoy better customer satisfaction and conversion rates than those who do not. Using text messaging during a sales process can increase conversions by more than 100%, while sending three or more relevant text messages after first contact with a customer can ramp up conversions by 328%. These are some encouraging stats! Keep Reading.

4. SEO Tip of the Month

SEO Blog ImageOnline reviews are an important tool for potential car buyers to judge the customer satisfaction of  local car dealerships. Angie’s List, a website for crowd-sourced reviews of local businesses, just removed their annual fee. The removal of this fee makes this once exclusive site a resource for anyone seeking information during their car buying journey. With this change, Angie’s list plays a vital role in your car dealership’s online reputation. Keep Reading.

5. Ask Yourself: Does your DMS do this?

Naturally, you expect a few key characteristics from your DMS (Dealer Management System). The first and most important cask-yourself-blogharacteristic is that your software is reliable. Next it must measure, report on and control your dealership’s business functions. In addition to basic functionality, you’re probably also looking for integration to ensure your customer and sales data flows easily from one department to another, without the need for multiple employees entering data. Keep Reading.

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