Ensure Your New Vehicles Are Front-Line Ready

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Ensure Your New Vehicles Are Front-Line Ready

When new car inventory is competitively priced and merchandised, it will attract the attention of in-market shoppers. That said, determining the right strategy to ensure vehicles are front-line ready can be a challenge.

Designed to drive the best VDP performance, Dominion Inventory Manager delivers the most complete inventory management and merchandising solution.  This solution provides dealers with the tools needed to sell both new and used vehicles. Dominion’s Inventory Manager accesses those tools from one convenient point of contact, on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Whichever vehicle solution dealers choose, it’s important to ensure that new car VDPs include these essentials for attracting car buyers’ consideration.

Use Custom Photos

New vehicle VDPs that include multiple custom photos generate 116% more views than VDPs with one stock photo. Taking the time to shoot actual photos of all new cars will build consumer trust and let car shoppers know the vehicles are actually on a dealership’s lot. 
Price Them Right for the Market

Vehicles are more attractive to car shoppers when they have a fair, market-based price.  This means a price that considers price adjustments like OEM rebates, incentives, and the price of similar vehicles.  

New Car Incentives in Dominion Inventory Manager provides flexible pricing management to ensure new vehicles are always priced right for the market. Incentives are automatically applied to any price. Photos and comments and are removed when incentives expire.

Build an Emotional Connection

New cars have a unique story to tell. Comments that tell compelling stories differentiate vehicles and dealerships from one another. Rich, vehicle-specific details help shoppers build an emotional connection. Dominion StoryBuilder™ provides an advantage by easily creating new vehicle stories that include price, details related to special features, relevant rebates, and incentives. Our research shows that new vehicles merchandised with Dominion Storybuilder™ automated comments turn 8 days faster on average.

Merchandise your new cars for a stronger VDP performance with these essentials. Every dealer wants to ensure that new vehicles get noticed. Dominion StoryBuilder and Dominion Inventory Manager can help. For more new car merchandising strategies, visit our website or contact us at 877.421.1040.


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